Waterbed Mattress

There are many styles of waterbed mattress today, giving you choices that people didn’t have with the original waterbed. You can have as much or little motion as you want among the various styles of bladder. You can have the traditional style of waterbed mattress that is held in place by a padded wooden box or one that looks like a conventional innercoil mattress.

A waterbed mattress is the first choice of mattress for many people around the world. They enjoy the feel of water over the conventional innerspring and foam mattresses. Waterbed mattresses were the first mattress made that conformed to the body’s shape and alignment. Waterbed mattress have come along way since they were first invented and are not the same as they were twenty years ago. Manufacturers have made great strides in making them more comfortable and functional for consumers.

The first waterbed mattress was created in the late 1800’s, primarily for infirm patients who could not sleep on any other material. The waterbed mattress was found to relieve pressure on the patient, which helped to prevent bedsores and pain. The first waterbed mattress consisted of a vinyl bag filled with water that was laid on a foundation of plywood. These beds worked well for their time, but new advancements have made them easier to use and more relaxing to sleep on.

The first mattress was a precursor to the free flow waterbed mattress that is still available today. The free flow waterbed mattress allows water to flow freely inside, which gives the person using it more of a rocking feeling, much like being on the ocean. Some people greatly enjoy this, but others don’t, especially if they have a partner who tosses and turns, because they feel like they are riding the waves. The good news is that there are other kinds of waterbed mattresses that give you the same benefits, without the free flowing water inside that are firmer and more stable.

A fiber filled waterbed mattress is another kind of waterbed mattress that is available. This mattress will be much firmer than the free flow waterbed mattress because the mattress is filled with fibers and then filled with water. The fibers inside help to prevent the water’s movement and makes the mattress firmer to the touch.

Another waterbed mattress that you can choose is a hydraulic waterbed mattress. This mattress consists of tiny coils that are located in the top part of the mattress. These coils fill with water and help keep the movement of the water regulated. The greater quantity of round vinyl coils that are in the mattress, then the more firm that it will be for you to sleep on.

The benefits of a waterbed mattress are many. The most common benefit is that the waterbed mattress conforms to your body’s alignment. This helps to prevent pressure pain in your spine, hips, and the rest of your body. Another great benefit is that most waterbed mattresses are heated. This can feel especially nice in the winter. especially if the room is cold. Dirt and dust cannot get into the waterbed mattress either, which is great for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. One concern about waterbed mattresses is the off-gassing of the vinyl bladder holding the water.

If this mattress sounds like the answer to your sleep prayers, then you want to determine which one is right for you. Do your research and you are sure to find the waterbed mattress that meets your needs and desires. Happy sleeping.