Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress

A visco elastic memory foam mattress can give you the comfort and support you want. This type of bed is a platform bed, meaning you use a platform rather than box springs to hold the bed. The combination of the foam and the platform makes for a night of better sleep for many people. As with any mattress, there are different thicknesses, densities and degrees of support, so shop carefully to find the mattress that suits you best.

Your mattress decision is one that should be taken quite seriously. Consider a visco elastic memory foam mattress. They have gained popularity over the last several years and people who have tried one say they are the best mattresses available. What makes them so good?

The thing that people like so much about these mattresses is that they conform to the shape of the body. This conformance helps decrease pressure point pain like you have when you sleep on an innerspring or other mattress. People love the fact that it cuddles their body. Some people awake for the first time in a long time without pain. This is why there are so many advocates.

Visco elastic memory foam was first created by NASA for use for the space program. Although it was found to not be suitable for use in space, it was declassified for use in hospital settings because it was found to help prevent and cure bedsores, as well as being an ideal surface for burn patients. It was used in healthcare settings for several years before someone decided to market it to the general public. Thus, visco elastic memory foam mattresses were born.

Memory foam is also temperature sensitive. This means that during the colder months it becomes firmer, though your body temperature helps warm the mattress, making it more comfortable. You can save on heating costs because the temperature sensitivity will work for you in keeping you warm during the winter.

The thickness and density of the memory foam determines how comfortable it is. That’s why you want to do your research with both your body and your mind to find the one that is right for you. Two inches of memory foam is the least thick that you need to consider. Quality is partially determined by thickness; the thicker the better. Density is another factor determining quality and comfort; four pounds of density is the middle density and a lower density means the mattress is softer, while a higher density is firmer. Most visco elastic memory foam mattresses have the density and weight listed right on the package for you peruse. Trying out a few of the mattresses will guide you in your purchase.

Research is essential for any purchase, including a visco elastic memory foam mattress. Many times, these mattresses are quite expensive so you want to ensure that you get the maximum value for you money. With just a little thought and planning, you will find the mattress that fits your needs, desires, and budget.