Use for Old Worn Quilted Mattress Pads

If you are looking for a use for old worn quilted mattress pads, you’ve come to the right spot. Here are but a few suggestions on how to recycle that old mattress pad of yours, rather than throwing it away.

After ten years or so, people find themselves looking for a use for old worn quilted mattress pads. There are a few things that can be done with them, if you use your creativity.

Mattress pads are fairly good insulators. You could line plastic boxes with them and invert the boxes over rose bushes and other garden plants that should not be exposed to too much cold. That is one use for old worn quilted mattress pads.

Mattress pads are also good for making quilted shades, like a Roman shade. It’s not very difficult to sew a Roman shade at home, with a few bits of mounting hardware purchased from a fabric store. You will need some loop tape, a nylon strip that has loops cut into it every few inches. You will also need a 3/8″ thick wood dowel for the bottom of the Roman shade. You may want to dye your old worn quilted mattress pad to a vibrant and even color before you begin to make a shade out of it. Cut a piece of mattress pad two inches larger than needed to allow for hemming. Sew your fabric and lining material together, finished sides inside, along three edges. Turn the “pillow case” inside out so the finished sides are on the outside. Sew a double row of stitches half an inch apart along the bottom edge, and slip a 3/8″ wooden dowel into this pocket. Buy some loop tape and sew it along the back of the shade every eight inches. Fasten drawstrings to the dowel and run them up through the loop tape to the very top. Fasten the top of the Roman shade to a 1×2″ batten, and screw eye loops into the batten. Run the drawstrings through the eye loops and down one side of the finished bargain Roman shade. That”s another use for old worn quilted mattress pads.

There is another way to make a quilted shade from old worn quilted mattress pads. Start with a roll-up bamboo shade, the kind that rolls up from the bottom. Buy some spray fabric adhesive at your local fabric store. Dye your mattress pad material to the color you want. Coat the bottom side of the mattress pad material with spray adhesive and allow it to set until it is tacky. Then press it evenly to the opened bamboo shade. Now you have a roll-up quilted shade in designer colors! There is yet another use for old worn quilted mattress pads.

A very common use for old worn quilted mattress pads is in pet beds. Your dog or cat will surely appreciated the warmth and softness of a mattress pad. Simply cut a piece of mattress pad to fit the animal’s bed or sleeping space and hem it all the way around. Dying the material is optional, if you want decorator pet beds.

There is certainly more than one use for old worn quilted mattress pads. You just need to use your imagination.