Truck Sleeper Mattress

A truck sleeper mattress is an important part of a rig. There are specially designed mattresses that satisfy the DOT’s safety requirements and give the truckers a good sleep. No matter where you choose to sleep, a quality mattress is the key to restful sleep.

Many truckers who transfer goods around our country also sleep in their trucks. Their truck sleeper mattress choice is very important to allow them the rest that they need, so that they can have the energy and concentration needed to drive their truck responsibly and safely. Most truckers just assume when they are beginning drivers that the mattress that comes with their truck is the only choice they have, but there are more comfortable options out there that will give them the rest needed during a long haul.

What mattress options do truckers have? There are different sizes and densities of mattresses to fit particular sleeping styles and trucks. They can choose from foam — both memory and latex — futon, and air mattresses.

Measuring the sleeper cab is the first essential step to get the right length and the width mattress. Deciding on the depth is another decision to make, and that will somewhat be dictated by the type of mattress desired; choose from a basic four inches to a deluxe six and one-half inches. Most of these mattresses come rolled up, much like a sleeping bag, and all you need to do is to unroll it and place it in your sleeper cab. An air mattress of course needs inflating.

Truck sleeper mattresses are specially made for use in a transfer truck’s sleeper cab. Truck sleeper mattresses meet the Department of Transportation requirements and are 100 percent flame retardant. They are also made of quality materials to help them be as durable as possible and they are covered with a flame retardant covering that is specially made for use in a motor vehicle. This will help to keep you safe in case of an accident or fire.

For the most part, truck sleeper mattresses are constructed of foam. This polyurethane foam gives them added flexibility so that they can easily be placed into the sleeper cab, but it serves another purpose as well. Foam can be an extremely comfortable sleeping surface, because it is cushiony and relaxing, but it also has some firmness. This cuddling foam mattress is also very durable to allow you many nights of sleeping so you will not have to replace it very often.

A comfortable truck sleeper mattress allows long-haul truck drivers to get the sleep they need so they can can stay focused and concentrating while driving. A well-rested driver will be more alert and better driver. Just because they sleep in their trucks does not mean that they have to have an uncomfortable sleep. They can sleep just as well in their truck as at home with the proper truck sleeper mattress.