Therapedic Mattress

The Therapedic Mattress Company manufactures a wide range of mattresses to fit most sleep needs and many budgets. They make both mattresses and mattress toppers. Reviews were mostly good, with a few complaints about the memory foam mattresses or toppers (memory foam isn’t for everyone), and I saw no complaints about the manufacturer or store not honoring the warranty.

Mattresses can be quite an investment, so it is important to find a mattress that both fits your budget and your sleep style. Therapedic Mattress Company has been manufacturing mattresses for over fifty years and this dedication to customer service can give you a mattress that will give you a good night’s sleep for many years to come. The different varieties that are offered in Therapedic mattresses will ensure that you find the right one for you and your needs. What are the different Therapedic mattresses that are available?

The Kathy Ireland Therapedic mattress collection offers five different mattresses for you to choose from.

  1. The A Cafu line features premium upholstery layers and luxurious cover fabrics for maximum comfort and plushness.
  2. The Essentials line features a seven-layer comfort layer with foam encased coils that are arranged alternatively for maximum comfort and support.
  3. The Gallery line offers a higher density foam encasement and thicker comfort layer to give your mattress a more luxurious feel.
  4. The First Lady collection is a natural latex mattress with seven zones of comfort to help relieve pressure point pain and give you maximum support.
  5. The J Du J line features an all foam mattress for complete comfort.

All of these Therapedic mattresses are available in a wide range of sizes and prices to allow you to find the right one for you.

The MemoryTouch Therapedic mattress is composed of a 6″ poly base with 3″ of memory foam. Memory foam is known for being very responsive to the shape of the person(s) sleeping on it, as well as their sleep positions, to give maximum comfort night after night. It is supportive enough to keep your back in perfect alignment, but has enough give to reduce the pressure point pain that is normally found with mattresses.

The AirTouch Therapedic mattress features the best of an air filled mattress with the conformance of foam to create a mattress that will be comfortable for many years to come. The AirTouch has six different zones of customizable air filled chambers to allow you to make the mattress as firm or soft as you need. The whisper quiet air pump will allow you to customize and personalize the mattress to your particular needs and wants to give you the sleep that you need.

The Innergy mattress that is offered by Therapedic has a specialized coil design that will keep the motion transfer decreased as much as possible to help you get the sleep that you need regardless of how much your partner tosses and turns. The choice of a firm or plush pillowtop will increase your comfort level and rest level.

The PureTouch mattress line offers consumers a natural mattress that will give you a more environmentally friendly sleep environment and a healthier mattress for you all-around. The natural latex from the sap of the rubber tree is a great component of the mattress that is both comfortable and all-natural. This is a great option for those consumers who have allergies and sensitivities.

For the ultimate in luxury the Lloyd and Penfield line is for you. The 660-coils that are covered by three inches of natural latex foam will give you the ultimate in support and comfort. The Italian velour cover has CoolMax technology to keep you comfortable no matter what the temperature in your room or home. This mattress is made to last for years.

A Therapedic mattress is available for every price range and sleeping need. Whether you are looking for a basic mattress or a more luxurious mattress, you will be able to find one in the Therapedic mattress line.