Sofa Bed Replacement Mattress

A sofa bed replacement mattress is necessary for old sleeper sofas and any soft mattress used on a sleeper sofa. You can select from a wide range of construction types, according to your budget and needs. Another route to take is to buy a mattress pad or air mattress to lay over the existing mattress.

Sofa beds are not generally known for their comfort. Mostly because of the metal rods that run through the sofa bed to allow you to fold the bed, and to give it support when it’s folded out as a bed. With most sofa bed mattresses, this metal rod is gives you a Princess-and-the-Pea kind of sleep. If you have a sofa bed for your guests, you may want to check out the mattress to see if you might possibly need a sofa bed replacement mattress that is of a higher quality so they cannot feel the rod quite as easily.

A sofa bed replacement mattress isn’t something most people even know about, but if you have overnight visitors often, you’ll want to consider one. Most sofa beds come with a basic mattress that isn’t known for comfort. There are premium sofa bed replacement mattresses that you can choose to help decrease the chance of feeling those metal rods so that your friend or family member can get a more comfortable and restful night of sleep.

Most sofa bed replacement mattresses are of the coil and spring type, but there are foam versions and even an air mattress version. This gives you a chance to find the one that is most comfortable for your sofa bed. The foam versions are available in the latex and memory foam versions, which include a foam core with a quilted top. This is great for a sofa bed because they are very comfortable and they are easy to fold up into the sofa. The air mattress version is great because it can be as firm or as soft as your visitor needs because it can be easily adjusted.

If you don’t want to purchase a replacement mattress due to budget constraints, then you can also consider a sofa bed mattress pad. This can help to add extra cushioning to your mattress to help keep your friend or family member as comfortable as possible. These come in a variety of different materials and thicknesses to help you find the one that will make your sofa bed as comfortable as possible.

A sofa bed replacement mattress can be found at many mattress stores. The bad thing is that they may have to be specially ordered, which can take some time. If you are purchasing a new sofa with a sofa bed, you’ll want to ask at the time of purchase about a mattress upgrade. This can save you some money over buying a replacement sofa bed mattress, because they may give you a break in price to get you to purchase the sofa bed. It never hurts to ask if there is a better mattress available for your sofa bed. Your overnight visitors will thank you for it.

I remember being in a pinch when my mother-in-law came to visit and found our sofa bed mattress too uncomfortable to sleep on. We inflated our camping air mattress and made it on top of the sofa’s mattress. She slept like a queen. You could try something like that too if you have money or time constraints.

If you have overnight visitors who enjoy your hospitality and sleep on your sofa bed, you want to consider their comfort. Consider sleeping one night on your sofa bed to see how comfortable it really is. You may be surprised to find that it isn’t as comfortable as you think and this may cause you to determine that you need a sofa bed replacement mattress for your sofa bed. Your guests will thank you for a good night’s sleep.