Select Comfort Mattress

The Select Comfort mattress isn’t just an air mattress, it’s a special mattress designed to give maximum comfort and better sleep. On paper it has a decent warranty, but the big, unanswered question is if the warranty is as good in reality as it is on paper.

There are thousands of mattresses in the marketplace, and finding the right mattress for you and your body is often very difficult. One mattress that can offer you a way to customize your support is the Select Comfort mattress. This mattress has many benefits over the regular types of mattresses that you find at the mattress store. What are some of these benefits?

  • Ability to personalize.

A Select Comfort Sleep Number mattress can allow you to customize the firmness, softness, and comfort of the mattress to help you get the quality sleep that you want and need so you can wake up feeling refreshed, allowing you to live your life to the fullest. The Select Comfort mattress lets you customize these features for each side of the mattress so that you and your partner can both sleep comfortably and without pain. Your Sleep Number is chosen based on many personalized factors, including your height, weight, sleep position, and sleep surface preference, literally allowing you to customize the mattress to your body and your personal needs.

  • Comfort is king.

Comfort is the main aim of the Select Comfort sleep system. The customization is the key to getting the comfort that you want and need. If you consider the fact that you spend 1/3 of your life or more on a mattress, you want to be sure that the time that you are on the mattress is spent sleeping comfortably, rather than shifting body positions frequently, due to your body not being comfortable enough to sleep soundly.

  • Less pressure point pain.

Due to the fact that there are no springs in the Select Comfort mattress, there is much less of a chance of having pressure point pain. The air filled chambers that are part of the Select Comfort mattress will supports your body, so that you will be able to sleep without the tossing and turning that comes with pressure point pain. The Pressure Map Technology that is part of the Select Comfort mattress helps to ensure you of being able to sleep without pain night after night.

  • Great customer service.

The Select Comfort Mattress Company is known for their dedication to their customer’s satisfaction. The 20-year limited warranty and the 30-night sleep guarantee ensures you of the company’s dedication to your satisfaction with their product. Be sure that you completely understand the details of the warranty and guarantee to ensure that you will get maximum value and use from both.

The Select Comfort mattress can offer you the first good night’s sleep that you have had in a long time. By being able to personalize it according to your needs and that of your partner, you will be able to sleep comfortably and without pain to enable you to make your way through your day with energy and purpose.