Sealy Mattress Company

If you want one mattress manufacturer to provide a wide range of mattresses to choose from so you know you are making comparable comparisons, Sealy Mattress Company is the manufacturer to look to. They make an innerspring mattress, memory foam mattress and latex mattress — all in varying levels of quality.

The Sealy Mattress Company is one of the best known mattress companies in the world. They manufacture mattresses under three different names, including Sealy Posturepedic, Stearns and Foster, and Bassett. They are the largest mattress manufacturer in the world, especially due to their high quality materials and construction, which is why many consumers turn to Sealy for their mattress choice. Sealy is also ahead of other companies in that they manufacture their own components for their mattresses, unlike their competitors. They have three plants that are entirely focused on making their patented and highly researched components that make their mattresses the favorite of consumers, as well as 34 plants around the world that put these components together to make a comfortable and high quality mattress.

Sealy mattresses come in many different price points, depending upon the brand name and the store that you choose. By comparing the different name brands that the mattresses are manufactured under, you can determine which one meets your price budget, so that you will get the mattress that you want and need for your home. Keep in mind, though, that inexpensive can mean lower quality if you are not careful, however.

A mattress purchase can be quite an investment, so you want to be sure that you get a quality mattress at a price that you can afford. Cheaper is not necessarily better, which is what causes many people to turn to name brand mattresses, like those offered by Sealy. Name brand mattresses are normally more dependable, simply because they have those years of reputation behind them. No one wants to lose their good reputation and this is especially true in the retail market of mattresses.

Sealy mattresses come in several different forms to keep up with consumer demand. This includes the tried and true innerspring mattress and the newer memory foam mattress, as well as everything in between. Memory foam is one of the newest and hottest materials in the mattress world today and Sealy has put quite a bit of time and research into their own brand of memory foam mattress. They have three different models of their memory foam mattress to fit the needs and budget of any consumer and each of their models feature a removable and washable cover for maximum ease of use.

Sealy also manufacturers a latex mattress that is very popular with consumers. This spring-free latex mattress is widely sought out for use by households that house allergy sufferers. The natural material of latex is the perfect sleeping surface for those who suffer from allergies, because latex is an allergy-friendly and natural sleeping surface that is naturally resistant to many different allergens.

The Sealy Mattress Company continues to grow and change with the demands of consumers and advances in the mattress industry. This is why they continue to be a leader in the mattress industry today. From their humble beginnings in 1881 to today and into the future, Sealy is a company that you can depend on for that good night’s rest that you want and need