Queen Mattress

Many people feel that the old standard double bed is simply too small for their needs, especially if sharing with a partner. While purchasing a king sized bed may be an option for some, not everyone has the space to accommodate one. Queen sized beds are rapidly becoming the standard size of choice for many couples, as they provide sufficient sleeping room while not taking up as much space as larger alternatives

One popular choice of mattress material is memory foam, or viscoelastic foam. The key features of a queen memory foam mattress are its ability to spread pressure points evenly (they are used in hospitals for bed-ridden patients) and the soft luxurious feel they provide.

A queen latex mattress is the most expensive option, but it will last for a good twenty to twenty five years. A queen latex mattress provides good protection for allergy prone people since they do not harbor dust-mites and bacteria. You might consider a queen latex mattress with a solid inner core if you are worried about sinking too far into soft upper mattress layers.

For a firm queen mattress, the traditional Japanese futon is always an option, although heavier people may find that there is little give on pressure places such as hips, shoulders and feet. Adding a latex or viscoelastic queen mattress topper may help to resolve this problem.

The best thing to do when looking for a queen mattress is to make a list of your needs and budget. Go to a store with many different brands and types, and spend some time just lying on them so that you can really see how they feel for you. Each person will experience the mattress differently and this way you will get the best match for your needs.