Queen Heated Mattress Pads

Heated mattress pads let you sleep in comfort and save energy costs because of being able to keep your house heat turned down. Queen heated mattress pads are available from a variety of stores and manufacturers. Be smart about your use of electric mattress pads so you don’t suffer physical harm, and so you don’t risk a fire.

When shopping for queen heated mattress pads, there are a number of things to consider. Smart shoppers will be rewarded with a delightfully cozy night’s sleep and significantly lower energy bills.

First, do not buy queen heated mattress pads if you already use an electric blanket or other bed heating device. Multiple heat sources can build up too much heat, causing discomfort and dehydration at best, or burns at worst. Additionally, persons who are insensitive to heat should not use queen heated mattress pads, or any other type of bed heating device.

Always look for the Underwriters Laboratories (UK) label. That is assurance that the mattress pad has passed UL’s stringent safety tests.

Most queen heated mattress pads are made of polyester or a cotton/polyester blend. Some have quilted pillow tops for the ultimate in warmth and soft luxury. Some queen heated mattress pads have corner straps, while others have deep aprons that go all the way around the perimeter. Sunbeam queen heated mattress pads have a unique expandable apron that will fit twin, full, queen, king, and California king mattresses.

Queen heated mattress pads come with electronic controls that let you fine tune the temperature, and are often found with dual controls to satisfy the preferences of two sleepers. The controls may have as many as ten settings from low to high. The best queen heated mattress pads come with a “pre-heat” option that lets you set a time when the heat should come on, and set a temperature for pre-heating so you will never climb into a cold bed again! Better queen heated mattress pads also have an auto-off feature that turns them off about ten hours after they are turned on, saving energy and reducing fire hazard.

Check the cleaning instructions of queen heated mattress pads. Some pads must be dry cleaned, but most can simply be washed on the gentle or delicate cycle and dried on low or no heat settings.

Check the spacing of wires in queen heated mattress pads. They should be within three inches of each other. Some models have wires spaced much more closely together near the foot of the mattress pad, to keep toes extra warm.

When you get your queen heated mattress pad home, you’ll find they pay for themselves pretty quickly. With the bed nice and toasty, it is possible to lower the temperature setting for the rest of the house. Studies have shown that a 10 per cent reduction in the thermostat setting translates into 10 to 15 per cent savings on winter heating costs. Your cozy, comfortable sleep will pay for itself in just one winter season!

A good night’s sleep depends on the right temperature. Electric blankets can fall off, your sleeping partner can steal the covers. But queen electric mattress pads stay where they’re needed, assuming they’ve been installed properly. With gentle heat coming up from the mattress and being trapped by sheets and blankets, you should have no difficulty getting a good night’s sleep even in the coldest weather.