Queen Electric Mattress Pads

There are lots of ways to sleep warm and queen electric mattress pads are one common way. You can always sleep with more blankets on the bed, but if you don’t like the weight, try an electric mattress pad. I personally like it better than an electric blanket.

Queen electric mattress pads are probably the most popular size of electric mattress pads. Sleeping two people in relative comfort, the queen size mattresses are made even more cozy by queen electric mattress pads.

Queen electric mattress pads are warm, obviously. Their embedded networks for well-insulated wires are hardly noticeable; only cozy, radiant heat oozing up from them. The heat from queen mattress pads penetrates directly into the body or is trapped by sheets and blankets to provide even comfort throughout the sleeping surface area. Queen electric mattress pads are very energy efficient.

Queen electric mattress pads save energy throughout the rest of the house, too. With toasty warm queen electric mattress pads, it is unnecessary to keep the rest of the house heated while one is sleeping. Studies have shown that turning down the heat by 10 percent saves 10-15 percent of a winter time heating bill, a significant bonus of queen electric mattress pads. They can pay for themselves in just one winter’s season!

There are all sorts of options and features in today’s queen electric mattress pads. Queen electric mattress pads often come with two controls to satisfy the temperature preferences of two sleepers. There are queen electric mattress pads that can be set to turn on at a specific time and warm the bed up to a preset temperature. Queen electric mattress pads turn themselves off after several hours ­- usually about ten ­- to save energy for the forgetful.

Queen electric mattress pads can be washed on the gentle or delicate cycle, and dried on low or no heat settings. It is important not to crimp or melt the network of heating elements in queen electric mattress pads.

Queen electric mattress pads come in a variety of thicknesses, including quilted tops for the ultimate luxurious softness combined with cozy warmth. Queen electric mattress pads typically come with corner straps to hold them in place on the mattress, but some luxury models come with full wraparound skirts.

Some queen electric mattress pads, like the Sunbeam brand, have more wires closer together at the foot of the queen electric mattress pad. This provides extra concentrated heat for those easily frozen toes!

When shopping for queen electric mattress pads, be sure to look for the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listing label, your assurance that the queen electric mattress pads have passed UL’s safety tests. Also look for a warranty, preferably at least five years.

It is important to note that queen electric mattress pads should never be used with an electric blanket or any other bed heating device. Also, persons who are insensitive to heat should not sleep on queen electric mattress pads, as they could cause burns in the event of a malfunction.

But there is one health concern that you can stop worrying about. There is absolutely no evidence that queen electric mattress pads cause prostate cancer or reduce male fertility. So go buy a queen electric mattress pad and enjoy it!