Purity Magnetic Mattress Pads

Purity magnetic mattress pads tried to ride the magnetic-healing wave, and failed. Whether you believe in magnetic healing or not, Purity’s magnetic mattress pads didn’t succeed. Was it their approach? Check it out and decide for yourself.

When shopping for “purity” magnetic mattress pads, keep in mind that you are seeking magnetic mattress pads made by Purity Products. These magnetic mattress pads are hard to find because Purity Products no longer makes them.

Purity magnetic mattress pads enjoyed brief popularity during the 2000 to 2003 period. As magnetic mattress pads go, the Purity magnetic mattress pads were not the most powerful on the market. Purity Products advertised that its magnetic mattress pads contained “domino-sized, 3,950-gauss, magnetic north, negative north,” and the magnet count was similar to other vendors. The Purity magnetic mattress pads weighed between 20 and 40 pounds depending on the size of the mattress. However, the “domino-sized” magnets were only one-third as thick as other magnets, greatly diminishing the penetration of the magnetic field.

But does it matter if the Purity magnetic mattress pads are inferior to others on the market? Not if all magnetic mattress pads fail to work. There is great skepticism about the efficacy of Purity magnetic mattress pads or any other brand.

The theory behind Purity magnetic mattress pads is that properly aligned magnetic fields provide a myriad of health benefits including reduced inflammation, increased blood circulation, pain relief, prevention and even reversal of infection, promotion of metabolic processing of toxins, support for the healing process, and general restoration of natural energy. Exactly how Purity magnetic mattress pads achieve these results is unclear.

Researchers identify three types of magnetic fields: a sedating, healing effect is stimulated by North pole magnetic fields; an energizing, activating effect is achieved with South pole magnetic fields; and bipolar fields stimulate blood circulation and control pain in conditions on or near the skin’s surface. Note that the Purity magnetic mattress pads contain North pole field magnets. Indeed, magnetic mattress pads in general seek to envelope the sleeper in a North pole field.

The magnets in Purity magnetic mattress pads are not your ordinary refrigerator magnets. Instead, they are made of ceramics composes of clay and iron. These magnets are not as powerful as those made from rare earths such as samarium, cobalt, or neodymium, but they are not nearly as expensive either.

Purity magnetic mattress pads may contain up to 1,000 magnets and cost around $200. They may still be found on eBay, Craigslist, and other after-market or liquidation Web sites.

A few words of caution are in order for anyone buying Purity magnetic mattress pads, or any other brand. Persons with implanted medical devices, such as pacemakers or insulin pumps, should avoid magnetic mattress pads as they can disrupt the operation of these critical medical devices. Laptop computers, iPods, and other devices containing magnetic storage media should be kept away from Purity magnetic mattress pads. Credit cards’ magnetic strips can be permanently damaged if they come close to Purity magnetic mattress pads.

If you decide to buy Purity magnetic mattress pads, try to find a seller who offers a money-back guarantee of at least 30 days. Purity magnetic mattress pads may or may not alleviate your health problem, and it’s good to have a guarantee just in case.