Powered Air Mattress

Powered air mattresses make set up and use easier than ever before. If your guest bed is an air mattress, having one that self-inflates takes one task from you when you are getting their room ready for them. My powered air mattress also has a metal frame so my guests aren’t sleeping on the floor, and it opens up as the mattress inflates. No more huffing and puffing to inflate the mattress, or attaching the pump or vacuum to inflate your air mattress. If it’s an every night bed, a powered air mattress lets you adjust the firmness with essentially no effort, to get a good night’s sleep.

Air mattresses have come a long way from those thin, cheaply made mattresses that you used when you had guests or sleep-overs, or for playing at the pool or beach. Today, you can find powered air mattresses that are comfortable enough for you to sleep on every night, or for your guests.

A powered air mattress offers you ease of set up, a restful and relaxing place to rest, and flexibility. If you have been looking for a new mattress that you and your partner will both love, and your guests won’t grumble about, then a powered air mattress may be just the right choice for you.

What are the features of a powered air mattress? A powered air mattress has several different features that makes it easier to use and more comfortable to sleep on. For the occasional-guest bed, the powered air mattress self inflates when you open the case.

For the all-the-time air mattress, one of the most useful features is the remote controlled power pump. This gives you the ability to adjust each side of the mattress to the softness and firmness that you and your partner are most comfortable on. If you like a softer mattress and your partner enjoys a firmer mattress, then this is a wonderful feature that will allow you both to be as comfortable as possible when you are resting. Other features make this a very comfortable mattress as well.

An air mattress is wonderful if you have blood circulation problems. The lack of pressure points on an air mattress gives your body the opportunity to sleep without pressure pain and it will allow the blood in your body to circulate freely. The increased blood and oxygen flow that the powered air mattress allows will help to eliminate tossing and turning and it will help to decrease pain while you are sleeping and when you awake in the morning.

A powered air mattress is normally controlled via a remote control. This will allow you to lie in the bed while adjusting the bed, so that you can feel it as it adjusts to find the exact firmness or softness that you want and need. The remote control will allow you to adjust each side of the bed, so you can pass it to your spouse or partner and allow them to adjust their side of the powered air mattress to their exact needs and specifications.

The great thing about a powered air mattress is that the air cores normally have a topper on them that helps to make the mattress even more comfortable. The topper may be constructed of latex or memory foam, which helps to make the mattress even more comfortable and stable. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, then you will want to make sure that you get a powered air mattress that is covered with a dust mite resistant cover to help keep you from having allergy or asthma attacks.

If you are looking for a new mattress that both you and your spouse will be comfortable on, then you will want to consider a powered air mattress. It offers you the ability to adjust the mattress to the needs and desires of both of you and it will give you the best night’s sleep that you have had in a long time. Sweet dreams.