Platform Bed Mattress

A platform bed mattress is merely a mattress you place on a platform, rather than box springs. The platform provides a different kind of support than springs do, so make sure it gives you the feel you want. The mattress construction becomes more important in a platform bed arrangement, so shop carefully.

Platform beds have become quite popular in the last few years. These beds use a platform instead of a box spring to support the mattress. Since you will spend about 1/3 of your life in bed, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. Learning about your mattress options will allow you to find the right mattress for you so that you will be as relaxed as possible.

Platform bed mattresses are not special mattresses. They are simply regular bed mattresses used without the box spring foundation. You have to keep in mind that since you are placing the mattress on a platform this will make the mattress that you choose feel firmer when you use it. Consequently, you may want to buy a mattress that is slightly softer than you normally want so it will be comfortable to sleep on.

Softer mattresses abound in a variety of styles. Some of the most common types of mattresses include the innerspring mattress, air mattress, waterbed mattress, and various types of foam mattress. Any of these can be used on a platform as long as you do your homework first. You may want to choose one of these options with a pillow-top so that it will be cushiony and soft. The platform will make the mattress feel firmer than it is, so you want to choose a mattress that is very soft and cushioned. Here are brief explanations of each type of mattress:

  1. Innerspring mattress: This mattress’s inner construction is of springs. It’s the most common mattress available. Many different degrees of firmness are available.
  2. Air mattress: Air compartments make up this mattress. The compartments can be customized by changing the amount of air in them to make the mattress as firm or soft as you like.
  3. Waterbed mattress: Water is the support element in these mattresses. There are numerous styles ranging from a large bladder filled with water to a conventional-looking mattress which are filled with water pockets. They are very comfortable and the new mattresses are almost waveless.
  4. Foam mattress: Foam mattresses include latex foam, memory foam, and traditional foam. Width, thickness and density varies, giving buyers a multitude of choices to fit their support needs and budget. Personal preference and health concerns are key to determining which one you want for your platform bed mattress.

Finding the platform bed mattress that is right for you is your goal. One-size-fits-all doesn’t apply to mattresses. The mattress that is right for you is a purely personal choice. Try out many different mattresses to find the one that works for you. Keep in mind a mattress on a platform will feel firmer than one on a box spring, so pay attention to how the store has the mattress set up. If you have the luxury of moving mattresses to platforms do so, giving you the best scenario for analysis.

Platform bed mattresses are not difficult to find. Visit your local mattress store and ask them for assistance in finding the mattress that is right for you.