Once Upon a Mattress

Is your sleep a fairy tale or a nightmare? We all have stories of how wonderful or terrible our sleep is, stories we title “Once Upon A Mattress….” The stories are fun to tell, but there’s no need to suffer again. There are so many options available for your ideal mattress all you have to do is check around and see what works best for you. Maybe you want an air mattress, or sleep-by-number mattress. Or something with natural materials is your thing; latex foam, cotton, wool or silk. And then perhaps you prefer the high-tech approach to your mattress; memory foam, egg-crate foam, or innerspring mattresses would be for you.

Do you have problems sleeping? Once upon a mattress a Princess tossed and turned throughout the night because her mattress was bumpy and uncomfortable. Does this Princess remind you of someone? Is it you? There is help for you. You do not have to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress night after night. You can wake up like royalty, rested and ready to face the day. You only need to find the mattress that fits both your needs and your desires.

Once upon a mattress there was only one mattress available. One filled with organic materials, collected from your surroundings; straw, wool, feathers, cotton, etc. Then technology introduced a mattress that used springs inside of it to help support the body. Of course, this was an improvement over the “natural ingredients” mattress, but it could still be somewhat uncomfortable. An innerspring mattress has to be turned periodically to help the mattress wear evenly so it doesn’t wear out as quickly. Innerspring mattresses have come a long way over the years, but the variety in mattresses has increased as well.

Once upon a mattress a memory foam mattress was created to aid in the space program. Although NASA never used the memory foam on a space mission, it was found to have many qualities that made it great for the mattress industry. It was first used in hospitals because it helped to prevent and relieve pressure sores or bedsores. It was later introduced to the public as a mattress because of its ability to conform to the shape of a person’s body. Many consumers love the memory foam mattress and sleep well on it, but it all depends upon the person and their body.

Once upon a mattress the latex foam mattress was introduced to the public. Although many people thought that it had the same qualities as the memory foam, it doesn’t. The great thing about latex foam mattresses is that it can be custom made to fit your body with customized firm and soft zones for maximum comfort. This could be the mattress that will give you a good night’s sleep that you need and deserve.

Once upon a mattress the air mattress bed was introduced to the public. Many people love the air mattress bed because you can easily make it firmer or softer just by releasing or increasing the amount of air in it. These mattresses hold up well and are available in many different coverings to allow you to find the air mattress that is most comfortable for you and your body.

Once upon a mattress this Princess passed the test. Although her mattress was bumpy and uncomfortable for that one evening, she was officially declared royalty and went on to find the mattress that allowed her to sleep soundly. You can be like her, too, if you choose the right mattress. You don’t need to toss and turn even one more night. Research the different mattresses to find the one that you can sleep like royalty on.