Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper can be an economical way to renew your mattress quality and improve your sleep quality. There are numerous benefits to a mattress topper, and lots of styles to choose from.

Buying a mattress can be quite expensive, which is why many people continue to sleep on old, worn out mattresses long after they should have been replaced. Not only are old mattresses uncomfortable, but they can be a health risk because of the germs, molds dust and dirt they collect through the years. A mattress topper can mitigate some of those issues, but can also prolong the life of your new mattress.

If you are not sleeping well on a worn out mattress, but you do not have the money to replace it yet, a mattress topper can give new life to your mattress without you having to spend money when you’re not ready to. How do you choose a mattress topper for your old, worn out mattress?

There are several different kinds of mattress toppers. Researching online is an ideal way to research, and even shop, because you can get a wider scope of ideas and information without pressure or possible hype. After you have some knowledge about mattress toppers, then you are ready to visit the store. What kinds of mattress toppers are available?

  • Memory Foam

It’s certain that you have seen the memory foam commercials on the television. Memory foam is known for its ability to conform to the shape of your body, which means that some of that pressure pain that you feel on your old mattress may go away after you buy a memory foam mattress topper. You may find that you wake up pain-free for the first time in many years.

  • Wool

Some people prefer the feel of a wool mattress topper. These are especially good for people who suffer from allergies or asthma because they are hypoallergenic. If you have a very firm mattress, this can help to soften it some and make it more comfortable. They also are insulating — letting your body breathe — so make a good topper on a hot mattress, like memory foam, latex, air mattresses, and waterbeds. Another great benefit of a wool mattress topper is that it is odorless and has no chemicals or dyes in it.

  • Cotton

Thick layers of cotton, wrapped in cotton, and quilted together with the bats of cotton, make fine mattress toppers too. Cotton tends to compress with use, so the life of a cotton mattress topper is shorter than other choices. But it’s a natural fiber so breathes nicely, and if you shop well, you can find an organic cotton, reducing your exposure to chemicals that can impact your allergies.

  • Feathers or Down

Mattress toppers made of feathers and/or down are sometimes also called feather beds. They create a nest-like sleeping surface that’s cushioning and wonderfully comfortable. There are hypo-allergenic featherbeds available, so if you suffer from feather and down allergies you can still go this route. The insulating quality of feathers and down lets your body breathe and separates you from a surface that may reflect heat too much for your comfort.

  • Mixture or Blends

There are also mattress toppers that have a mixture of contents like foam, cotton, feathers or down, and lambs wool. These offer the comfort and cushioning, and allow you to have right combination of bounciness and insulation.

There are two different styles of mattress toppers. The first kind comes attached to your mattress and may be quilted. The second style is a separate item that you can buy to place on top of your mattress if you need it. If your mattress is uncomfortable or worn out, you will want to find a mattress topper for your bed so that you can sleep more soundly and restfully.

Whether your mattress is too hard, soft, or lumpy, or simply too old, you are sure to be able to find a mattress topper to make your mattress more comfortable and inviting. Remembering you spend approximately 1/3 of your day in bed will help you motivate to learn about mattress toppers so you can buy one to increase your comfort and sleep quality.