Mattress Pads Thread Count

In the bedding industry the lingo for thread count is “tc”, so to talk about mattress pads tc is to talk about the quality and benefits of different kinds of mattress pads. As with sheets, higher thread count generally means a higher quality product. There of course is more to quality than thread count, but it’s a good start.

Most people consider thread count when they think about sheets, but not as much when thinking about mattress pads. The mattress pad tc (thread count) is just as important as your sheet’s thread count, simply because it can signal that you have a better quality of mattress pad that will help you to rest better and because it is softer. This can make a big difference in the cushioning power of the mattress pad, so that you can get the rest that you need. What mattress pad tc should you look for?

The lowest thread count is around 200. This is a serviceable mattress pad, but it may not hold up very well to washing and extended use. This can be a big deal if you want to have a mattress pad that will last for a long time or if you do not have the money to replace it often. That is why you may want to consider choosing a mattress pad with a slightly higher thread count.

There are many higher thread count mattress pads that are available. These include up to 1000 thread count. You will be paying more based on the higher thread count that you choose. However, you need to keep in mind that this higher thread count mattress pad may last much longer for you, which will actually save you money in the long run. They also tend to hold up much better to washing, which will allow you to keep it clean and free from dirt. The higher thread count mattress pads tend to include higher quality materials, too, including Egyptian cotton and more. This is an excellent reason to consider purchasing a higher mattress pad tc for your bed.

A higher thread count also means that the material that encloses the mattress pad is thicker, too. This is great for mattress pads that may be filled with down, etc., because there is a much lower chance of feeling the hard pieces of the feathers through the pad. The higher thread count is also great for allergy sufferers, because the dust mites are less able to get through the cover of the pad when it is constructed of a higher thread count of material. By choosing allergy-friendly filling and a higher thread count, you can help to decrease your allergy symptoms, so that you get a much better night’s sleep.

The mattress pad tc can have a big impact upon how well it works for you. By purchasing a high quality mattress pad with a higher thread count, you can help ensure that your mattress pad will hold up well to extended use and make your bed as comfy and cozy as possible. Consider the mattress pad’s thread count when purchasing and you could be sleeping better before you know it.