Mattress Pad 1

Mattress pads are perhaps one of the best recent additions to bedding essentials. They can be used for several different reasons, either as an extra protector between the sheet and the mattress, as a comfort aide, or as a waterproofing agent in cases of children’s nighttime mishaps or in cases of adult incontinence.

Mattress pads can come in different designs and fibers, depending on the required need of the purchaser. If one is looking for a simple mattress pad that will give an extra layer of protection for the mattress then a cotton mattress pad is a good idea. It will absorb dirt and animal dander, is machine washable and usually comes in a ‘fitted sheet’ style so it will stay in place through the night. Buying an organic mattress pad in any form is always worth the slight increase in expense, as it will provide a more natural, hypoallergenic sleeping surface.

If you are looking for a mattress pad to provide extra comfort and support then a foam mattress pad, especially a memory foam mattress pad, is probably the way to go. Getting a memory mattress pad will ensure that the exact contours and lines of your body are adhered to and supported night after night. A foam mattress pad will not compress as quickly as some others tend to do. Another option is the heated mattress pad, or electric mattress pad, which provides a pre-warmed bed for those chilly winter nights and can be helpful for people with poor circulation who find it difficult to get warm at night.

Mattress pads come in all different sizes, from crib pads to the queen and king mattress pad, so finding one that is right for your needs and bed size will not be difficult. One of the most recommended mattress pads is a wool mattress pad because of its natural and hypoallergenic nature, and its high levels of absorbency. Wool is also dust mite and bacteria resistant, helps to regulate temperature and is machine washable. The one drawback however is that a wool mattress pad is not water proof, so if there are nighttime accidents, a pad with a laminate backing, might be considered.

Whatever you reason for buying a mattress pad, they are sure to provide an extra long life for your mattress, an added level of comfort and protection and an easy way to add a little luxury to your sleep.