Mattress Genie

A Mattress Genie lets you flex your bed for health or relaxation purposes. There are times lying flat is uncomfortable and head elevation is necessary. And if you like to read in bed, this may be better than a bed chair to give your back the support you need for comfortable reading. A Mattress Genie is less expensive than a hospital bed, or other type of adjustable bed too.

Have you been wanting one of those wonderful adjustable beds, but your budget just will not allow it? Surprise! There is a way of making your existing mattress into an adjustable one. Use a Mattress Genie. A Mattress Genie turns your comfortable, tried and true mattress into an adjustable mattress that gives you added function and flexibility (as it were). It offers this option at a fraction of the price of a hospital bed.

Just imagine sitting up in bed to read or watch television without having to pile up lots of pillows behind you. Pillows are great, but they tend to move; it becomes annoying to keep shifting them back into position to stay comfortable. Place the Mattress Genie under your existing mattress. With a simple touch of the remote, it raises the mattress. There are other reasons for using the Mattress Genie other than purely for entertainment, too.

If you struggle with sleeping due to pain from heartburn or acid reflux, the Mattress Genie helps you get lift to relieve some of those symptoms. You will be amazed at what a difference just a little elevation can make in symptoms like these. It can give you the first good night’s sleep you’ve had in a long time.

You may wonder how the Mattress Genie works. It works by pumping air into the component which elevates the mattress to exactly the incline that you want and need. It is a strong and durable design that is able to raise up to 500 pounds with very little trouble. It works with a variety of mattresses, including spring coil, latex foam, air, or even a futon mattress for extra flexibility, and it can be taken with you on vacation or camping, because it is compact and easy to use.

The Mattress Genie can raise your mattress up to 26 inches. You can choose to raise it as much or as little as you want or you can leave it flat. You won’t even know it’s there when it is flattened. With a simple touch of a button, you can make your bed into that adjustable bed that you have been searching for. To install it, you simply place it under your mattress, connect the hose, and connect it to a power source. In no time, you will have that comfortable bed that you have been looking for.

The Mattress Genie is much less expensive than purchasing an adjustable bed. For around one hundred dollars, you can purchase a Mattress Genie for your size of bed. This gives you that perfect sleeping and relaxing spot that will give you years of rest and enjoyment with very little investment. What could be better than that?