Mattress Dimensions

Mattress dimensions get more varied all the time. It’s almost confusing now and people don’t always know what to call the different sizes of mattress they see. Your sleeping needs and room size are part of the reason you are interested in mattress dimensions.

Not all mattresses are created equal. From different mattress dimensions to different mattress materials and more, you will find that there is a great deal of choice when it comes to choosing a mattress. These choices can be somewhat overwhelming if you do not do your research beforehand, beginning with choosing the size of mattress that you need. By considering your personal needs, the size of your room, and the size of an existing bed if any, you will be able to choose the right mattress for your use.

If you have an existing bed frame and headboard and you want to continue to use it, then you will need to determine what the mattress dimensions are to fit the existing bed. There are several standard mattress dimensions that are commonly found in the mattress world. Here are the most common mattress dimensions.

  • Twin or Single-sized mattresses in the United States are 39″x75″, while in the United Kingdom the dimensions measure 36″x75″. The twin mattress comes in an extra-long version which is wonderful for people who are taller than average. The United States’ measurement of a Twin XL mattress is 39″x80″.
  • Full or double sized mattresses offer a bit more width to allow you to rest. In the United States and in the United Kingdom, the full or double sized mattresses measure 54″x75″ and the extra-long version adds five inches to the length.
  • The queen-sized mattress is one of the most common sizes for mattresses in the U.S. today. The queen mattress dimensions are 60″x80″.
  • The king-size mattress comes in several different sizes, including a California King, regular king, Super King, and the Grand King that is offered by Select Comfort.
    • The regular king has different measurements, depending upon which country that you are in. The United States mattress dimensions for the king mattress are 76″x80″.
    • The United Kingdom’s regular king mattress measures 60″x78″.
    • The Asian version measures 72″x78.
    • The California King is the larger version of the king-sized mattress that is offered by the United States and it measures 72″x84″.
    • The Super King is the larger version offered in the United Kingdom and it measures 70.87″x78.74″.
    • Select Comfort offers a special sized mattress in their collection and it measures 80″x98″ for maximum space.

Mattress dimensions are very important, as you want your mattress to be the right size for your existing bed frame and linens, and for your sleeping needs. If you sleep alone, you won’t need as large of a mattress as someone who sleeps with their partner and/or children.

Consider the size of your room as well in making your decision. If you have a small room, you want to choose the largest mattress that meets your needs yet avoids filling up your room with bed. Taking your needs into consideration, as well as your sleeping style, will allow you to choose the right sized mattress for your needs and your want to allow you to rest and sleep in perfect comfort.

Now you can see why mattress dimensions are important.