Mattress Comparison

There are several steps to conducting a mattress comparison. One is to read online and in magazines about various mattresses. Another step is to visit stores that sell different mattresses to compare their touch and feel. Another step is to lie down on mattresses for several minutes — half an hour or more if you can — to see how they feel for a more extended test. Your mattress comparison should result in a satisfactory purchase.

Getting the proper rest is essential to having energy to get through your day and the mental focus for work. One very important part of getting rest is your mattress choice. There are many mattresses available and the choices can be quite confusing, but by doing a mattress comparison, you can line up the mattresses against each other to see which one is right for you. What should you include in a mattress comparison?

  • Materials

There is quite a difference in the materials in mattresses. Your choices include, for starters, memory and latex foams, spring coil, air, water, and natural materials like cotton, wool and down. You are sure to find that these choices alone can throw your mind into a tizzy. You have to determine what material fits your body and your sleeping style the best, as well as fitting your budget. Some people love water beds, but others can’t stand them. It is entirely a personal preference thing with mattress materials. The only way to see which one that you and your back prefer is to try one out. Go to the mattress store and spend time just lying on the beds. Get in your normal sleeping position and see how it feels. It is not as good as sleeping all night on one, but it can give you some idea of which materials you may want to consider.

  • Price

Price shouldn’t be your first consideration, but when you are on a tight budget, it can’t help but rear its ugly little head, can it? Try to get the highest quality mattress your budget will allow. If you can’t get a good mattress due to a little budget, then you may want to consider waiting for a bit until you save up money. Don’t skimp on your mattress, because it is the tool to get you a good night’s sleep.

  • Warranty/Guarantee

You would assume that every company offers you a substantial warranty, but you would be wrong. Be sure that you check the warranty carefully to make sure that it covers defects and other problems and what the conditions are. Some companies let you return the mattress to the store, but some charge a fee for returns. Make sure that you completely understand the terms of your warranty. A sleep guarantee is also important.

A sleep guarantee is when you take the mattress home and sleep on it for a pre-determined amount of time, and if you do not like it or cannot sleep on it, then you can return it. Some stores will charge you a “restocking” fee if you return it. Read the guarantee to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of it.

Doing your own mattress comparison may include other details other than the ones that I described. Also read consumer reports on the mattresses you are considering, and maybe some you hadn’t considered, to get more input. Compare the mattresses according to your own needs, so that the mattress will work best for you. That is what is most important. Use it as a tool for finding the mattress that will give you the rest that you need and deserve. Sleep well.