Mattress Cleaner

The best mattress cleaner you can use is prevention, followed by either baking soda or an upholstery cleaner. Your mattress is best protected by a mattress pad. Mattress pads can absorb or repel the things that make mattresses dirty —- dust mites, flaked skin, liquids (food spills or body fluids), and even mold or mildew. A mattress cover can also add cushioning to your mattress, allowing for an even better night’s sleep. Whether your mattress is made an innerspring, wool, cotton, latex, foam, or memory foam, a mattress pad will help keep your mattress cleaner.

How much thought have you put into taking care of your mattress? Protecting your mattress is a great way for you to help it to last longer. Many people do not put much thought into maintaining their mattress, but if you will take proper care of it, you can increase its life, and preserve your health. How do you help keep your innerspring mattress, or other mattress type, cleaner and in better condition? By learning more about the mattress that you have and how to take care of it.

Just Clean It!

Mattresses are usually covered by fabric. Sometimes these fabrics get stained or dirty, but they can be cleaned. Keeping your mattress cleaner will help to prevent some allergens, like mold and mildew, or dust mites, from growing on your mattress and causing health problems. One mattress cleaner that you can use is upholstery shampoo. Apply the shampoo to your mattress and then allow it to sit for about 15 minutes before vacuuming it off and letting it air dry; this can be a harmful approach for chemically sensitive people. A more environmentally safe approach is to treat stains on your mattress immediately by applying baking soda to the mattress and let it soak up the stain for about 15-20 minutes before vacuuming. Vacuuming your mattress regularly will help to remove some of the dust mites, flaked skin, dirt, pet dander, and dust from your mattress.

Just Flip It!

Flipping your mattress every month or so, especially an innerspring mattress, will help it to wear more evenly. Some people number the corners of their mattress to help them to keep track of flipping and turning their mattress. Turning and/or flipping your mattress regularly will help you to sleep better as well as helping your mattress to last longer.

Prevention Is The Key:

Preventing wear and tear on your mattress is the best way to help your mattress to last longer. Spills and stains can occur when you put wet clothes on your mattress or when you spill a drink on it. Using a mattress cover helps protect your mattress from stains and spills is essential, especially for a child’s bed. Mattress covers are inexpensive when you consider how much protection that they give your mattress.

Buying a high quality mattress is another way for you to make sure that your mattress will last as long as possible. The warranty is an ideal way for you to see how much confidence that the mattress company has in their product. The longer the warranty, the more confidence they have in its quality. Keep that in mind when making your choice.

Learning to Sleep Healthier

A mattress is a big investment, in most cases. That is why you will want to learn as much as possible about your particular kind of mattress so that you can clean it properly and completely. With a little knowledge and effort, you can have a mattress that you can sleep well on and sleep healthier on. Keeping your mattress cleaner is a wonderful way for you to begin this process to sleeping healthier.