Jamison Mattresses

If Jamison mattresses are good enough for the best hotels in the world they may be good enough for you at home. They have a reputation for using quality materials and advanced technology in building their mattresses. This may be a matter of “getting what you pay for”.

Sleep plays a major role in keeping us healthy, which is why choosing a mattress is such a big decision. Choosing a mattress company that has a long record of manufacturing quality mattresses is very important to ensure that you get the maximum value for your money. Jamison mattresses offer just that degree of reputation that can assure you of their dedication to the mattress industry and the satisfaction of their client. What is so special about the Jamison mattress?

Jamison mattresses are used in hotels around the world. Choice Hotels, InterContinental Hotels, and even Hyatt use Jamison mattresses in their rooms to keep their guests comfortable. This loyalty from some of the most profitable hotel chains in the world should help to ensure that your Jamison mattress will be comfortable and will stand the test of time.

Jamison mattresses are known in the mattress world as a high-end mattress for some very simple reasons. Jamison’s dedication to using the highest quality materials and staying on top of new mattress innovations have helped to make their company into the powerhouse that it is today. Their wide range of mattress offerings ensures that you will be able to find the right mattress for your needs.

Smart Coil technology is one of the innovations that is offered in Jamison mattresses. Their Smart Coils are assembled using alternating left and right turn construction to help balance out the weight of your body with the coils working together for support. Smart Coil technology helps to make sleeping with a partner more comfortable, because it neutralizes the motion that you normally would feel when your partner tosses and turns, so your partner won’t wake you up when shifting positions in the bed.

The pocketed coil technology allows each coil to move as a separate piece to help keep the motion separated, so that the whole mattress does not move with every turn on the mattress. The pocketed coils offer unique support that is increased with the choice of topper for the mattress. The toppers that are available are made from the highest quality materials to give an extra level of comfort. From Talalay latex to Memory Foam and more, you will find that this mattress can give you the restful night’s sleep that you are craving.

Jamison mattresses are not the least expensive mattresses that you will find on the market, but they may well be the best made. When you balance the cost versus the quality, you may find that it is a feasible choice for you and your family. A mattress is an investment in your health, energy, and life, so make this decision with great thought and care.