How to Clean A Mattress

Learning how to clean a mattress will let it do its job longer and better. Stains and allergens reduce its life and usefulness, so taking care of the mattress will protect your investment for years.

Choosing and purchasing a mattress is a big investment. Learning how to clean a mattress is very important to keep it both in good shape and to help keep it free from allergens and contaminants. How do you do this?

Taking Care of Stains

Learning the proper method of how to clean a mattress is very important. One way is to put baking soda on the spill right after it occurs and let it sit for about 10 minutes and then vacuum up the baking soda that has soaked up the stain. If it is a set stain, you can clean it using a mixture of soap and a little water. Some recommend upholstery cleaner for stained mattresses, but that approach introduces chemicals in close proximity to your sleep environment that may not be a good idea. If you use a “wet” approach, it is very important that you allow the mattress to completely dry before making the bed again, or you could be allowing mold or mildew to grow. Stains are not the only issue that is facing you with your mattress however.

Body fluids, including blood and urine, are taken care of in a variety of ways. Ammonia sprayed on the stain will help lift it from the fabric readily. Just be sure to rinse well or the fabric will be destroyed by the ammonia residue. Meat tenderizer can also be a good treatment, especially for blood spots; and again, rinse thoroughly.

Lemon juice has also been used to clean spots. And some people believe in sunshine as a great cleaner. Of course, getting your mattress to the sun may be a bigger challenge than you are interested in tackling.

Preventing Stains

The best prevention for stains is a bed cover and/or mattress pad. Having a layer or two between the stain source and the mattress gives you a better chance of keeping the staining material from the mattress. Covers also help keep allergens out of the mattress, again making for a better night’s sleep. The mattress cover or mattress pad can more easily be removed and laundered than a mattress, after all.

Regular Cleaning

It is also important to vacuum your mattress regularly to help remove dust, dirt, flaked skin, dust mites, and pet dander as much as possible from your mattress. Vacuuming is the best way to remove many of the allergens that seem to settle inside of mattresses. It is simple to do, too. With a little time and effort, you can keep your mattress free of stains, and clean. All of these methods work well in keeping your mattress clean, but there is more to keeping your mattress in good shape than learning how to clean a mattress.

The Long and Short of It

Proper attention to your mattress will help it last for a very long time. Keeping it stain free not only keeps it looking better, but also reduces odors that can arise from stains and eliminate possible health risks to those sleeping on the mattress.