Foam Mattress Topper

A foam mattress topper will convert your existing mattress into the feel you want, be it firmer or softer. You can go the natural, latex foam mattress topper route, or the synthetic memory foam mattress topper route. Your sensitivity to off-gassing of synthetic materials will be part of your decision on which way to go. Make your mattress more comfortable by adding a foam mattress topper.

A new mattress is often a huge purchase that many people put off until it is absolutely mandatory for their health and sleep. There are things that you can do to help keep your mattress as comfortable as possible to help yourself sleep better and more comfortably. This can be a practical way to help give your mattress a longer life without spending a great deal of money. A foam mattress topper can help to add cushioning and support to a sagging mattress to help you sleep more restfully and soundly.

What kinds of foam mattress toppers are available? There are several different kinds, including latex foam and memory foam mattress toppers that you can choose from. Below, you will find the differences and similarities between these two types of foam mattress toppers.

  • Latex Foam — Latex foam mattress toppers are very widely available at most department and even discount stores. A latex foam mattress topper is created from the sap of a rubber tree. This liquid is whipped until it becomes a foam-like substance and it is then poured into a mold, creating the foam mattress topper. This mattress topper is hypoallergenic and dust-resistant, which makes it ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers. It is also temperature sensitive, which means that it helps to keep you warm during the winter and cool during the summer.
  • Memory Foam — Memory foam mattress toppers are the most popular foam mattress topper that is available. Many people are drawn to this particular kind of foam due to its ability to conform to the shape of your body. It is composed of a polyurethane material, along with other things to help make it the right consistency. Memory foam eliminates many of the pressure points that can cause pain and discomfort while sleeping, too. This mattress topper is also temperature sensitive, much like the latex foam.

Both of these foam mattress toppers come in many different qualities and comfort levels. You do not have to buy the most expensive foam mattress topper, but it is important that you research the different ones to find the best one for your budget and your needs.

These two foam mattress toppers have many qualities in common, but personal preference will determine which one is best for you. That is why you want to research your choice by feeling and laying on each of the materials to find the one that your body is comfortable on. Consider whether you need a firmer or softer mattress topper for your bed. Back and stomach sleepers may need a firmer mattress topper, while a side sleeper may be more comfortable on a softer one. Evaluate your own sleeping habits to see which one is best for you.

Foam mattress toppers are an easy way to help give your tired, old mattress a few more months or even a year of wear. Your mattress does not have to be worn out, however, for a foam mattress topper to help you. Even a newer mattress may need additional support or softness for you to have the relaxing night sleep that you deserve. Just keep the characteristics of the two types of foam mattress in mind and you are sure to find exactly the one that will work best for you.