Down Mattress Pads

Down mattress pads are made in a variety of styles ranging from small pillows or channels to one large pillow without channels. They create a nest-like bed for sleeping in. They are comfortable year-round, regardless of the temperature. If you are looking for the experience of sleeping in a cloud, consider down mattress pads.

Mattress pads are a great way to help make an uncomfortable or worn out mattress feel more relaxing to your body. They are also a way to make a wonderful and/or new mattress feel even better. There is a great variety in mattress pads and some even use several materials to give you the best surface possible to rest on. One of these is down mattress pads. Down is known for its cushioning abilities, but it comes with some problems as well.

Down mattress pads are used to protect the mattress and to make it more comfortable for you and your spouse. Some of these mattress pads provide a layer of down and of memory foam to give you the best of both worlds. The down gives you cushioning and the memory foam gives you a firm surface that gives and cuddles your body. This mattress pad is known for being a great surface for rest and relaxation. There are some things that you need to know about down mattress pads, however.

The down mattress pads come in a natural down and a synthetic down variety. If you tend to want more natural materials, you will want to choose a goose down mattress pad over a synthetic down one. Make sure you are getting a high quality down mattress pad — you don’t want feathers or low quality down — or you will soon feel like you are sleeping on top of a porcupine when the quills start coming through the pad cover. Feathers are used often in cheaper versions of down mattress pads. A good quality mattress pad may be expensive, but it will be more durable and give you a better night’s sleep.

Down mattress pads cannot be washed in your washing machine, so if that’s an important feature to you, choose something other than down. This is especially true if you have pets that sleep with you, the mattress pad is for a child’s bed, etc. You want to be able to clean it and sometimes the only way down mattress pads can be cleaned is through dry cleaning. Keep that in mind before you purchase.

Down tends to break down into clumps after a while. Sleeping on down clumps is really uncomfortable, so you will want to consider this problem. This problem is slightly alleviated when it is combined with memory foam or latex foam, but it can still occur, simply because your body weight crushes the down.

If you suffer from allergies, be careful with which down mattress pad you purchase. There are hypoallergenic down mattress pads that can work great for allergy sufferers available, so read the information on the mattress pad carefully until you find one. Kapok imitates down well too, so considering a kapok mattress pad can be a good alternative for many people.

Down mattress pads may seem to be calling your name, but be sure that you consider each of these concerns before you purchase one. Find a mattress pad that fits your needs and your budget and you will be well on your way to getting the rest that you need and deserve.