Discount Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Discount memory foam mattress toppers are the latest style in mattresses. They can be used to make an uncomfortable bed more comfortable, an achy body less achy, or for extra guest beds. A discount memory foam mattress topper may be the same quality as a non-discounted one, or it may have discounted quality. Shop carefully and know what you need for a good night’s sleep.

Memory foam is one of the hottest materials out there in bedding like pillows, mattresses, and mattress pads and toppers — hot in the sense of being popular and all the rage. The commercials on television give us all of the many reasons that we should use memory foam, including comfort, fewer aches and pains, and a better night’s sleep. If your budget will not allow you to get a memory foam mattress, you’ll want to consider purchasing one of the many discount memory foam mattress toppers for your mattress. It can give an uncomfortable, worn out mattress new life so that you can get that rest that you desperately want and need. Even a new but less comfortable mattress can be improved upon with a memory foam mattress topper. There are some things you want to keep in mind when looking at discount memory foam mattress toppers, however, to ensure that you get the right one for both your budget and your needs.

There can be a big difference in discount memory foam mattress toppers, so make sure your decision is made carefully. Some stores carry mattress toppers that are as thin as two inches and as thick as four inches. There can be a big difference in the feel of the mattress topper depending upon both the depth and density of the topper. The rule-of-thumb for depth is a 2-inch thick mattress topper will work well for a stomach sleeper, while a 3-inch depth is better for side and back sleepers. If you are heavy, you want to get a 4-inch mattress topper, as long as you are not a stomach sleeper.

Density is very important in a discount memory foam mattress topper, because the higher the density, the higher the quality. Most memory foam aficionados recommend you not get a topper that is less than a 4-pound density. That’s the guideline if you don’t want it to wear out quickly or give you a bad night’s sleep. More than 4-lbs will give you an even more durable mattress topper that will spring back to shape when you get out of it and that will stand the test of time. Keep in mind that even if the mattress topper feels a little firm the first time you sleep on it, it will get more comfortable and cushiony the more time that you lay on it, because it is heat sensitive.

This temperature sensitivity can serve another benefit as well. It can help to keep your warmer during those cold winter months. Oddly, it can also keep you cooler during the summer. These are excellent benefits, because they allow you to be as comfortable as possible, no matter what the season is. If your room is cooler than 65-degrees at night, you could have problems with the mattress topper being too firm when you first lie down at night, but it should get more comfortable as your body heat begins warming it up. This is the downside of a temperature sensitive material.

Discount memory foam mattress toppers can offer you a wonderful and budget-friendly way to make your mattress more comfortable. If you are waking up still tired or in pain from tossing and turning all night, then you will want to consider adding one of these mattress toppers to your bed. Your budget and your back will thank you for it.