Consumer Reports Mattresses

Consumer reports mattresses articles are important for you to read and review when you are researching what kind of mattress to buy. There are so many options out there, and determining the style you want is only part of the decision. Consumer reports can help.
A lot of critical decisions go into selecting a mattresses and it’s important that you do your homework before making your purchase. Factors such as budget, size, what kind of mattress to buy and where to buy it must be defined, researched, and analyzed before choosing your mattress.

The internet offers dozens of consumer reports that can help you with your research. If you simply type in search words such as “Consumer Reports Mattresses”, you’ll get hits like Mattress Reviews, Mattress Reports, What’s the Best Mattress?, How to Buy a Mattress, Mattress FAQ, Choosing the Right Mattress, and many more. By spending a little time and effort up front, your purchasing experience will be much simpler and you’ll have a better chance of buying the mattress that best fits your specific needs.

To Name Just a Few – The most popular sources of consumer information includes the following agencies that have different approaches to reviewing mattresses.

  • Consumer Reports is probably one of the most well known organizations to provide valuable information to consumers about products of all kinds. While Consumer Reports requires you to subscribe to its service, it provides information such as mattress basics, mattress myths, how to choose a mattress, price differences, and comparisons of the various types of mattresses.
  • Consumer Search lists the top-rated mattresses and gives feedback from various groups like couples, singles and heavier people. Consumer Search also provides a comparison chart of mattresses and a consensus report that shows how many times a given mattress was given the top rating by consumers.
  • Consumer Affairs concedes that there is no one best mattress for everyone and as such, topics such as mattress myths, how to choose a mattress, and specialty brands is discussed.
  • Epinions takes a practical approach to selecting a mattress and gives this bottom line: “Name recognition is no assurance (of a good mattress).” Epinions gives ten lessons that are designed to ensure you find the best value for your money that meets your personal needs. These lessons include:
    • Sales Tricks
    • Profit Margin
    • Fluff and Sag
    • Support versus Coil Count and Gauge
    • Foundations
    • Cleanliness
    • Refurbished Bedding
    • Quality Control
    • Product Guarantee
    • Substitutions

Epinions concludes that the more you understand the issues and the more knowledgeable you are about mattresses and about the company you’re buying from, the better chance you’ll have of successfully purchasing the mattress that’s right for you.

  • eBuyingGuides suggests that when selecting a mattress, it’s important to understand what does and doesn’t matter in mattress construction. This guide describes the types (innerspring or other) and attributes of mattresses (size, softness, support, construction and appearance), as well as the attributes of mattress construction (ticking, padding, coil count and configuration, handles, and foundation). The guide goes on to discuss whether to buy at a store or over the Internet, and various marketing tactics used to confuse the customer.

These consumer reports are just a sample of what’s available on the internet, and it will be time well spent to explore these guides, plus any others that catch your eye. Remember to pay attention to the source of your information to ensure that they are neutral and not sponsored by one of the mattress companies. While it’s true that most companies have a testimonial page consisting of happy customers expressing their satisfaction with their mattress, this feedback is hardly neutral and will most certainly only give you glowing reports about their mattresses.