Boat Mattress

Nothing else is quite like cruising the water on your boat and if you happen to have sleeping quarters on your boat, then you are even luckier. You can take a vacation that is completely centered around the water and spending time on your boat. One thing that you may want to consider before leaving on that trip is your boat mattress. Is it comfortable enough for you to spend a few nights on it or does it leave you tossing and turning? Don’t toss and turn. You can purchase a new boat mattress that will allow you to sleep those nights away in perfect peace and harmony.

Unfortunately, finding the right boat mattress for you and your boat may not be as easy as visiting your local mattress store. In most cases, you will need to custom order your mattress to ensure that it fits your bedding area correctly and it will give you the good nights sleep that you want and need. Where do you begin?

  • Measure the sleeping platform

    You want to measure the sleeping platform that your existing mattress is on as well as the mattress itself. This will enable you to order the right size of mattress for your particular boat’s sleeping area. If you have an unusual shape of mattress, you may want to make a template of the area, so that you can make sure that you get the right size and shape for your sleeping platform. If you are still unsure, you may need to get assistance from a boat mattress customizer.

  • Choose the materials

    Boat mattresses are available in a large variety of different materials, just as you would find in regular mattresses for your home. Innerspring, air, latex foam, and memory foam are just a few of the choices. You also get to choose the fabric that covers the mattress, which can help to ensure its comfort and softness.

Boat mattresses are specially made to be used in a marine environment. This means that they are made to be mold and mildew resistant to help cut down on these two health concerns. They are also made to be very flexible to allow you to get the mattress down into the sleeping quarters and so that you can get to the storage compartment that is under the sleeping platform. All of these features are essential in a boat mattress to enable you to have a mattress that you can use and be happy with for a long time.

You deserve to be just as comfortable on your boat as you are when you are sleeping in your bed at home. By upgrading your boat mattress to one that you custom make for your boat and for your own personal preferences, you can help to give yourself the comfortable sleeping surface that you deserve.