Best Price Memory Foam Mattress Pad

The best price memory foam mattress pad may not be the best deal. Consider thickness, density, size and warranty. And don’t forget to take into account the off-gassing memory foam mattresses can do because of the chemicals used in manufacturing.

The best price memory foam mattress pad may be a good deal, especially if you get quality. There are many places in which to shop for the best price on a memory foam mattress pad. But first, it helps to know what you are buying.

What is memory foam, anyhow? A memory foam mattress pad is made of a polyurethane foam that has chemicals added to increase its viscosity, which has the effect of increasing its density. This type of foam is also called visco-elastic memory foam. Depending on the chemicals used and the density achieved, memory foam is firmer in cooler temperatures and softer in warmer temperatures. The body’s natural heat softens a memory foam mattress pad, allowing it to conform to the body’s contours in just a few minutes. The cooler regions just outside the zone where the body touches the memory foam mattress pad remain firm, supporting the shape “melted” into the memory foam. Cooler zones deeper within the memory foam mattress pad provide support.

Memory foam is much denser than standard foam, so it can make a mattress quite heavy. To lighten the load, or to retrofit coil spring mattresses with memory foam comfort, many people turn to memory foam mattress pads. The pads, or toppers, are thinner than a full sized memory foam mattress and proportionally lighter in weight. A memory foam mattress pad may be your best way to get memory foam comfort at the best price.

Memory foam mattress pads come in sizes of 2, 3, and 4 inches. Obviously, the thinner pads will generally have the best price. But consumers should consider whether a thinner pad will provide the comfort and support, or the longevity, they desire in a memory foam mattress pad. The best way to choose a memory foam mattress pad is in a store, by actually lying on memory foam mattress pads of each size.

Thickness is not the only comfort consideration when buying a memory foam mattress pad. Memory foam is rated according to its IFD (Indentation Force Deflection), the amount of force it takes to press an 8-inch diameter disk one inch into the foam. IFD ratings range between supersoft (10) and semi-rigid (120). Most memory foam mattresses are in the 12 to 16 IFD range. A memory foam mattress pad may be in the same range or a bit softer.

New memory foam mattress pads give off an odor that some people find unpleasant; it is often likened to the smell of paint. The odor dissipates with airing, but it has been know to make some people ill. Also worth noting are health concerns about the flame retardant, PBDE, that is required in all memory foam mattress pads and mattresses. The chemicals can be an environmental issue, impacting air quality and the health of the people using the mattress.

The best price on a memory foam mattress pad is a function of the pad’s thickness, surface area (twin, queen, etc.), and its IFD rating. Do not assume that a 4-inch thick memory foam mattress pad is necessary, unless the sleepers are extremely overweight. Check the seller’s reputation and warranty before buying. A memory foam mattress pad may transform your older coil spring mattress into a new source of sweet dreams.