Best Air Mattress

If you are going to buy the best air mattress you can find and afford, shop around carefully first. Make sure you not only have the bed that will be most comfortable for you, but will also be durable and have a good warranty. There are lots to choose from out there, so finding one isn’t the issue. I’m tired of sleeping on air mattresses that leak during the night, or the seam breaks the first time I use it. I’m going with quality next time.

The variety and superior technology of today’s air mattresses may make an air mattress a viable option that you may not have considered in the past. The benefits of firmness adjustability, pressure point reduction, and ease of installation certainly make air bed mattresses a possibility for any household. Since air mattresses vary in quality, options, designs, use and price, it’s important to remember that companies tend to focus on different aspects of air beds and target their marketing accordingly.

But understanding the benefits and differences of air beds is not enough to help you decide whether to buy your air mattress on-line or at a store front, and whether to buy a name-brand or risk a lesser-known brand. You need to consider how much time you’re willing to spend comparison shopping and your comfort level with the unknown.

Where Should I Buy My Air Mattress?

A quick Internet search will tell you that dozens and dozens of companies are competing for your business. The question many consumers ask is whether it’s safe to buy on-line or is purchasing your air mattress in a store a better bet. The simple answer to that question is that it depends on your needs, your comfort level with buying sight-unseen, and how much time you have to spend shopping and researching for your bed.

  • Internet Shopping – Internet research on your air bed is easy and fast because there are a lot of quality air beds on the market and a lot competition for your business. Internet companies do a great job showing you the benefits of their beds, which make comparisons between beds more complete and efficient. Plus, comparison shopping via the internet is more flexible than store shopping because you can shop at the time and day that is most convenient for you.
  • Store Shopping – It’s easy to find a store that sells air beds — just drive through most commercial areas and you’ll find specialty bed stores or department stores that sell beds. The advantage to physically going to a store to shop for your air bed is that you can touch and feel the quality, and you can test the bed first hand. You may feel shy about lying on a bed in the middle of a store in front of other shoppers but don’t let that stop you from testing your bed. After all, actually lying on your bed and seeing how it feels is one of the main advantages of shopping at a bed store!

Should I Buy a Name Brand Air Mattress or a Lesser Known Brand?

  • Name Brand – There’s no denying that name brand air beds became name brand beds for a reason. Brand name beds tend to be nice quality and are popular because of their customer satisfaction. When you buy a brand name bed, you are relying on the reputation of the company, and on the opinions and reactions of other consumers who have purchased your same bed. Plus, brand name beds normally have good warranties, and offer customer support and lower risk through solid warranties.
  • Lesser-Known Brands – Don’t be fooled into thinking that a name brand bed is your only option and that lesser-known brands don’t offer the same quality and warranty. As with name brand beds, each company offers a different mixture of quality, price, service and other options to choose from. You may find that lesser-known brand air beds actually offer more for your money because they are competing with nationally known brands. Don’t dismiss an air bed just because you aren’t familiar with the brand. Instead, compare all brands of air mattresses, whether they be well-known or lesser-known, and select the bed that best fits your needs, your price range, and your consumer comfort level.

Take Time to Research

The bottom Line? Do your homework because it’ll be well worth your time and energy. You’ll no doubt be happiest with your air bed if you’ve comparison shopped both on-line and at store fronts. Plus, by considering both name brand and lesser-know brands, you will feel more satisfied that you’ve made the right choice. There really is no best air mattresses but by taking the time to shop around, you increase your odds of investing in the highest quality air bed for your money.