Adjustable Bed Mattress

An adjustable bed mattress is useful when sleeping horizontally isn’t comfortable or healthy for you. Various health conditions may demand you find a different sleep position other than supine. You can’t have the firmness you may have once used because firm mattresses don’t bend well, but you gain a different kind of comfort by adjusting your head or feet to the best position for a good night’s sleep.

Do you need an adjustable bed? Many people are turning to adjustable beds to help decrease back pain and sleep more soundly. Adjustable beds allow the user to raise and lower the head of the bed for maximum comfort and some models may even allow you to raise and lower the foot of the bed. This kind of bed is especially helpful if you have herniated discs or spinal stenosis. Finding the right adjustable bed mattress is essential to making your adjustable bed as comfortable as possible for you.

Due to the fact that the bed’s head and/or foot moves, you will need a specially designed adjustable bed mattress that works with this particular type of bed frame. It is important to choose a quality adjustable bed mattress or you could be setting yourself up for more pain and discomfort that is caused by your mattress. You definitely don’t want that! Just as with any other kind of bed mattress, your choice of mattress depends upon your needs and budget.

What kind of adjustable bed mattresses can you find? There are a few different types, and the first thing that you need to keep in mind is that the bed cannot be very firm. A very firm mattress will not be able to incline or adjust with your bed frame.

A memory foam adjustable bed mattress is ideal, because it is comfortable and it can adjust with your bed. The profile, or depth, of the mattress is very important to consider, because if the mattress’s profile is more than 12 inches, it may not be able to bend with the bed mechanism movement. Flexibility is key in an adjustable bed mattress to allow your adjustable bed to work correctly and efficiently.

If you are overweight (over 250 pounds), then you may want to choose a synthetic foam mattress that is made especially for overweight consumers. This synthetic foam mattress is made of layers of foam that give proper support to an overweight person. This can help with sleep apnea and other medical problems that may be caused by your weight.

Innerspring mattresses are also available for an adjustable bed. Stores that sell adjustable beds will be your best source for this kind of mattress. A regular innerspring mattress will not have this kind of flexibility, so don’t expect to buy any mattress and just any store. Check out websites and your local bedding store to find the right mattress for your adjustable bed.

Finding an adjustable bed mattress that will help you to rest better will take some research and knowledge. By learning more about what is available for you and your adjustable bed, you will be able to find the adjustable bed mattress that fits your body and needs so that you can get that good night’s sleep that you want and need.